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How to get to Niš?

By Plane

There are two ways to get to Niš by plane.

The first way to get to Niš is to use the international airport "Constantine the Great" in Niš which has flights to and from Podgorica in Montenegro, with good connections from Podgorica to the entire Europe.
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           Airport "Constantine the Great" in Niš is outside of the city. To get to the city, you can use a bus or taxi. If you are using the bus, there are frequent bus lines between the airport and the city. There is the circular bus route 34 direction A that goes every 15 minutes from 05:45 AM until 09:15 PM and the circular bus route 34 direction B that goes every 15 minutes  from 05:50 AM until 09:15 PM . On Sundays, the bus leaves the bus station every 30 minutes in both directions. If you decide to use the taxi, it is recommended to use reliable taxi companies listed below.

The second way to get to Niš is to use the international airport "Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade, where the national airline company Jat Airways, together with numerous foreign airline companies, operates regular and charter flights to and from all the major destinations in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
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Airport "Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade is outside of the city. To get to the city, you can use a bus or taxi. If you are using the bus, there is frequent bus transportation between the airport and the city.
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            If you are using the Taxi, it is recommended to read the ''Brochure about the Taxi'' at link

By Train

Niš is well connected to the Serbian and European railroad network. Most of international rails arrive at Belgrade, so you have to use domestic rail to get to Niš.

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The train Station in Niš is located in the south part of the city and is a 20-minute walk away from the city core. If you do not like walking that long with your baggage, there are frequent bus lines heading downtown (1, 5, 6, 10). Also, the Taxi is not expensive, but we do recommend that you use reliable taxi companies, which are listed below. In the train station building there is a cloakroom (the price is 110 dinars for 24h), a restaurant, a phone booth and an exchange office.


By Bus

There are several ways to get here by bus. You can check at your bus station if there is a direct bus to Niš. Otherwise, you can come via Belgrade and use many departures from Belgrade to Niš.
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By Car

Niš is very well connected by road since it is situated at a European crossroads. The European highway E-75 coming from Hungary branches in two directions near Niš: towards the south, Macedonia and Greece (E-80) and towards the east, along the Nišava valley, towards Bulgaria, Turkey and further on to the Middle East. Extending from Niš there are also roads to the northwest (toward Zaječar, Kladovo and Timisoara in Romania) and the southwest (toward the Adriatic Sea).

In Serbia, international drivers need to have their national driving license, vehicle registration certificate, and a valid international insurance policy.

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Getting around Niš

Basic information


Niš has well established bus lines. Most buses have clear signs stating their directions, and almost all will at one point stop at the central city square, near the Fortress, or five minutes from it, at the King Alexander Square, near the Faculty of Law and Army Headquarters building. Have in mind that you will be obliged to pay the fare, as there are ticket sellers in the buses. A single ticket inside the city zone costs 50RSD and you can only buy it inside the bus. For information about schedule, please contact the Organizing Committee.

There are a number of small taxi companies. Expect the fare of between 150 and 250 RSD, depending on a distance and part of the day (start 90 RSD + 35 RSD per km during the day or + 41 RSD during the night). Make sure the taxi driver turns on the taximeter, just in case. Taxis are available practically on every street, but please note that the chosen one has to have a sign of one of the company names listed below. Most drivers will speak, at least basic, English. If not, just write the name of the place/site/hotel/street you are going to and it will be fine.

 If you decide to take a taxi, we recommend the following ones:

·       Banker Taxi      +381 18 9707

·       Bros Taxi          +381 18 41 555 41

·       Cool Taxi          +381 18 575 567, +381 18 9711

·       Delta Taxi         +381 18 222 999

·       Euro Taxi          +381 18 9702

·       Fortuna Taxi     +381 18 9716

·       Naisuss Taxi     +381 18 22 99 99



The monetary unit is the Serbian Dinar (RSD). Euro is not accepted, so you have to change it in an official exchange office. You will also be able to exchange American dollars or Swiss francs. On the day of writing this useful information, these were the exchange rates:

1 EUR = 116.21 RSD

1 USD = 93.14 RSD

1 CHF = 96.74 RSD

 For the information on the official current exchange rates, please visit: link

 Please note that every exchange office has a fee of about 1%.

Credit card

International credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, and Diners are accepted in most of the shops, airline companies, hotels and restaurants.

Tip: The credit cards are not accepted in train or bus stations.  

Banks & Post offices 

On weekdays, most of the banks are opened from 08.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m. and post offices from 08.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m. On Saturday, banks and post offices are open from 09.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m. They are closed on Sundays. There are ATMs at every bank, and they are available all day and night.  


Alimentary shops are open daily from 06.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. in­cluding Saturdays, while on Sundays they are open from 08.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m. Everywhere, there are stores open all day and night. Markets are open every day from 06.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.

Medical care

There are organized duties in hospitals and clinics round the clock. Also, there is a medical emergency which is on duty all day and night. Pharmacies are open from 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m. on work­ing days and on Saturdays from 08.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m. Also, there is a pharmacy which works 24/7, but avoid counting on that.

Area codes

Phone code for Serbia is +381, for example, for Niš is (0)18 and for Belgrade (0)11.

For international calls from Serbia, dial “00” + “code of the desired country” + “code for the city”.

Important phone numbers

Police: 192

Fire service: 193

Medical emergency: 194

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Food and drink

Niš is a food paradise. It is said that Niš produces the best Burek, a sort of greasy, phyllo dough pastry filled with cheese or ground meat that is popular throughout the Balkan peninsula. Also, there are other varieties such as meat, spinach or pizza burek.

The Shopska salad is another phenomenal, yet simple, dish to be found in Niš. It consists of chopped up tomato, cucumber, onion, oil, a little salt and a generous topping of a domestic feta-like cheese. Another local trademark is the Urnebes salad, literally translated as 'chaos' or 'pandemonium' – basically, cream cheese in oil mixed with ground peppers, garlic and sometimes sesame.

Pljeskavica, sometimes referred to as the "Balkans Burger," is ubiquitous. Typically, it contains a concoction of spiced ground beef, pork and lamb. It may be served in a bun, pita bread or by itself on a plate with or without sauces and toppings depending on where you get one.

Chevapchichi (usually spelt with accented "c" instead of "ch", i.e. ćevapčići) is similarly made from spiced ground beef, pork and lamb. The mixture is formed into a 2-to-3 inch long sausage and can be served in varieties as a Pljeskavica.

For those who do not wish to experiment too much, there are numerous traditional bakeries and pastry shops, and the McDonald's on the central city square.

Vegetarians had been almost outside of attention in Serbia until recently, but now most restaurants will have some options for them, too. In keeping with the tradition, the majority of restaurants have gourmet food, but even in them, you can order some kind of vegetarian food. Note the traditional fasting periods, especially in April before Orthodox Easter holidays, when many restaurants offer fish and non-animal food, including some specialties.

Tap water is drinkable in Niš and most residents drink the water from the central supply system. Visitors that are more cautious are advised to buy bottled water in any shop: varieties of brands are available, and Serbian mineral waters are very good, especially Knjaz Miloš, Vlasinska Rosa, Mivela and Heba.

There is a throng of cafes in downtown Niš, especially in the pedestrian  zone of Niš. Most of them, serve various coffee drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Rakija, a powerful brandy made from various fruits (usually plum or apricot), is a local favorite, and there are a lot of brands (Sljivovica, Loza, Stomaklija…), but some of them may be very strong for a novice.

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Where to go out (by day and at night)?

There are a lot of places where you can spend your free time. Depending on personal wishes and time of the day you can go to taverns, cafes, bars, clubs and discos. By day, it is recommended to visit cafes and bars which are located in the part of the city named "Kazandžijsko sokače" and ones which are located in Niš Fortress. Also, there are a lot of taverns you can go to by day or at night, but the ones recommended are "Nišlijska mehana" as an ethno house, "Stara Srbija" as one of the oldest taverns in Niš and "Hamam" which is located in Niš Fortress on the place of a former Turkish bathroom. At night, there are lots of clubs and discotheques with electronic and live (rock or/and folk) music that you can go to, such as "Sunset", "Klinika", "Spark", etc. Often, discos and clubs organize concerts by national music stars.  
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Some prices

Beer (in a bar) = 120-200 RSD

Stomaklija (a shot) = 50-100 RSD

Pljeskavica = 110-150 RSD

A glass of juice (in a bar) = 120 RSD

A glass of juice (in a store) = 70 RSD

Sandwich = 100 RSD

Cigarettes = (may vary depending on the brand) the cheapest are around 110 RSD

Snickers, Mars = 50 RSD

Milka = 100 RSD

Water = 0.5L = 30 RSD, 1.5L = 50 RSD

Hot chocolate (in a bar) = 120 RSD

SIM card for mobile phone = 200 RSD (you can buy them at pretty much any news stand)

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Something Typically Serbian!

It does not take long for foreign visitors in Serbia to discover the hospitality, kindness, openness and warmth of the country’s residents.

Shaking hands, done using the right hand, is customary when being introduced or meeting somebody of either gender. Kissing is not a necessity when meeting somebody for the first time, but every time you meet them from then on, if you have developed affection for the person in question, kissing once (if both of you are young people) or three times on the cheeks is the order of the day in Serbia. Giving a long and sincere hug is also acceptable.

In Serbia, toasts are usually made with traditional rakija (brandy), often home distilled. Clinking glasses, making direct eye contact and loudly proclaiming “Živeli”, make toasts!

Serbs enjoy rich, flavored food, and normally have three meals a day, with lunch being the largest.

In contrast to the rest of Europe, there is no single day of the week in Serbia when you cannot have a night out, and that holds true for all generations, for all lifestyles and musical tastes, and for all available budgets.

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Serbian language

Personal data

(English)                                                          (Serbian)

Name                                                               Ime

Surname                                                          Prezime

Passport                                                           Pasoš

ID                                                                    Lična karta

Useful phrases 

Hello/Hi                                                          Zdravo/Pozdrav

Good morning                                                 Dobro jutro

Good evening                                                  Dobro veče

Bye!                                                                Ćao!

Goodbye                                                         Doviđenja

See you                                                           Vidimo se

How are you?                                                  Kako si?

I don't understand you                                      Ne razumem te

Yes                                                                  Da

No                                                                   Ne

Maybe                                                             Možda

Thank you                                                       Hvala

Sorry                                                               Izvinite

Help!                                                               Upomoć!

My name is...                                                   Zovem se...

I'm ___ years old                                            Ja imam ___ godina

Exchange office/Bank                                      Menjačnica/Banka

Post office                                                       Pošta

Bakery                                                            Pekara

Restaurant                                                       Restoran

Fast food                                                         Brza hrana

Ticket (bus or train)                                         Karta

How?                                                              Kako?

Where?                                                            Gde?

How much?                                                     Koliko?

Why?                                                               Zašto?

Because...                                                        Zato što...

Excuse me, where is the main bus station?        Izvinite, gde je glavna autobuska stanica?

Excuse me, where is the main train station?       Izvinite, gde je glavna železnička stanica?

Customs                                                          Carina

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