-University of Bucharest, MOCALC-Models of Computation, Algorithms and Cryptography Center

                          Victor Mitrana, Two-dimensional pattern matching with networks of evolutionary picture processors Presentation

                          Monica Tataram, Reducing the time-cost of algorithms at any cost Presentation

                          Atanasiu Adrian, Amiable words Presentation

                          Florin Manea, On some algorithmic problems in the area of combinatorics on partial words Presentation

                          Radu Gramatovici, The infinite nature of finite languages Presentation

                          Ionut Tutu, A logic for reasoning about time Presentation


           -TU Wien, Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry

                          Michael Drmota, Random planar graphs Presentation

                          Martin Goldstern, Effective clones Presentation

                          Guenther Eigenthaler, Congruence classes in universal algebra Presentation


           -Ural State University

                          Mikhail Volkov, Synchronizing automata Presentation

                          Arseny Shur, Growth properties of power-free languages Presentation

                          Vladimir Repnitski, On the representation of lattices by subalgebra lattices Presentation

                          Yulia Gamzova, Partial words and the periods’ interaction property  Presentation

           -Politecnico Milan, The Department of Mathematics

                          Alessandra Cherubini, Grammatical approaches to 2D language Presentation


           -Northwest University Xi’an, The Department of Mathematics

                          Yong Shao, Locally inverse semigroup with inverse transversals Presentation


           -University of Primorska

                          Dragan Marušič, Looking back and ahead: three open problems in vertex-transitive graphs Presentation

                          Klavdija Kutnar, Construction of Hamilton cycles in (2,s,3)-Cayley graphs Presentation


           -University of Ljubljana

                      Aleksander Malnič, Covering techniques in graph theory Presentation


           -Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

                          Zoran Ognjanović, Probability logics, (Joint work with: M. Rašković and Z. Marković) Presentation


           -University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics

                          Daniel Romano, On Positive Quasi-antiorders in Semigroup with Apartness Presentation


           -University of Niš
                          Miroslav Ćirić, Fuzzy and weighted automata: determinization,state reduction,structural equivalence Presentation

                          Nebojša Dinčić, Recent results on generalized inverses Presentation

                          Ljubiša Kocić, Application of chaos theory in computer graphics Presentation
Marko Petković, Algorithms for the spherical coverage verification Presentation

                          Slavik Jablan, Tutte and Jones polynomials of link families Presentation

                          Predrag Rajković, The description of a transmission control protocol by q-calculus Presentation

                          Predrag Stanimirović, Methods for computing generalized inverses of matrices  Presentation