About Workshop

„Theoretical Computer Science - From Foundation to Application“

09 Niš

(TCS-FA 09 Niš), 7-11 of November 2009





                 The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering , University of Niš in cooperation with The Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SANU) is organizing a workshop entitled „Theoretical Computer Science - from Foundation to Application“.


             The workshop will be held in the building of The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering , University of Niš, (address: Aleksandra Medvedova 14, 18000 Niš) from 07-11 of  November 2009.


             In addition to the mentioned institutes, the following universities will take part in the organization of the workshop:


                    DMG - Institute of Discrete mathematics and Geometry, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien);

                    MOCALC- Models of Computation, Algorithms and Cryptography Center, University of Bucharest;

                    Department of Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Ural State University, Ekaterinburg.


             A very special guest of the workshop is prof. Hans Kaiser vice-rector for International Affairs at the University of Technology in Vienna


             Up to now, about 20 participants from abroad are expected to take part in this workshop – in addition to those from the mentioned universities, there will be guests from Italy (Politecnico Milan), China (Northwest University Xi’an), Slovenia (University of  Primorska) and The Bosnian Republic of Srpska (University of Banja Luka).


             Also, about 20 participants from Serbia are expected- from the universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.