About Site

           The website has been designed in such a manner so as to incorporate various crucial characteristics. The colors utilized in the design have been chosen carefully in order to symbolize the atmosphere and the people of Niš.

             The yellow represents the sun and the fact that Niš is a sunny, bright city full of life.

             The blue symbolizes the ever clear sky over Niš, and one of its most important assets, the international airport “Constantine the Great” which is situated just outside the city and which serves as a useful alternative to other airports in the nearby cities, such as Belgrade or Sofia.

             Finally, the white stands for the pure spirit of the citizens of Niš, cheerful and pleasant people, known for their outstanding hospitality and humor.

             The last, but certainly not the least, is the bust of Emperor Constantine I, born in the city of Naissus (the contemporary Niš) who empowered Christianity throughout the Roman Empire and moved the Roman Capital to the banks of the Bosporus.



Site designed by: Andreja Milutinović, Miloš Radivojević, Vukašin Pavlović